3.6 MILLION Americans miss or delay medical care
each year due to a lack of transportation

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Patients without transportation access may wait for a medical emergency just to be able to see a doctor.

"Researchers found that almost one-third of respondents reported that it was "hard" or "very hard" to find transportation to their health care providers—a problem that can mean more than a few missed checkups."
"A review published in the Journal of Community Health found that around 25 percent of lower-income patients have missed or rescheduled their appointments due to lack of transportation."
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Providing community access to healthcare as a logistics hub

At Kaizen Health we strive to constantly improve community access to healthcare by providing a logistics hub for both provider and patient. That means developing a process and the technology to relieve the administrative burden from provider and financial burden from the patient so they can both focus on the healing and treatment plan.

Kaizen Health is dedicated to developing the technology and process to improve the healthcare experience for all involved, increasing access to patients and giving back valuable staff hours to healthcare providers.


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